Consultation Processes

Innovative and effective consultation processes have been a key feature of the success of ETHOS Consulting since 1991.

ETHOS Consulting is recognised as one of the key group process facilitators in South Australia, with highly developed, group facilitation skills.

Our experience includes larger scale organisational and industry consultation processes often involving more than 100 people at the one time, to small group consultations in a community or organisation setting.

We have taught consultation and facilitation techniques and processes to urban planners, Local Government employees and government employees.

We can help with:

Building ownership for a new strategic direction through consultation and engaging workshops.

Community consultation processes of large or small group meetings, focus groups and surveys

Customer surveys

We can help with:

  • Large scale community consultation through focus groups, community meetings and online surveys;
  • Community based workshops for organisations seeking community input and feedback;
  • Meetings of small and large groups of employees to develop ideas and prioritise issues; and
  • Telephone interviews and focus groups of key customers.