Our Approach

We do not believe we know your organisation or industry better than you do. However we can assist in building insight and understanding in:

  • The way people in your organisation are managed and work together
  • What your customers and stakeholders really think about your products and services
  • How you can determine and implement a strategic focus

We do not come to you with a ‘kit bag’ of commercial programs to on-sell to you. Rather we will help you to realise the growth potential of your people and your organisation by accessing the skills, motivations and needs of your staff and your broad range of customers and stakeholders.

Our approach to group facilitation is to listen respectfully, to identify links and differences between comments and interest groups, to summarise the conversation at crucial points, and to give space for the quieter voices.  We design every consultation process according to the outcomes required and the nature of the group.  We encourage large group processes to be seen as a means to effective decision making and often advise against major decisions being made in a large forum.