Ethos Research Leaders Forum Testimonials

Prof Tim Smith University of the Sunshine Coast

The Ethos Forum was an invaluable learning experience. The ability to meet with other research centre directors and discuss the various structures, processes, resourcing and performance measures has contributed significantly to my ability to plan strategically. Through this experience, I have become better equipped to navigate both the external and internal operating environments for the good of my centre and those within it. The camaraderie developed during the Ethos Forum sessions allowed us to openly discuss emerging challenges within a confidential setting and I believe all of us gained a huge amount from being able to discuss those issues among peers with firsthand experience of those challenges we all faced. 

Prof Jiwa Moyez Curtin University of Technology

The leaders forum provided a unique opportunity to reflect on challenges we all face in establishing our credentials as leaders in our respective fields and institutions. The case study approach, with an emphasis on confidential and honest reflection gave every member of the group a personal forum to explore challenges we faced at that point in our careers. We benefited from the reflections of members with much greater experience but also from the great wisdom of more junior people. The combined effect of the group led to life changing experience for many of us. Added to this we had the opportunity to meet in person, individuals with a stellar profile in the national and international scene. Some of these networking opportunities promoted collaboration long after the group disbanded. A fabulous forum to nurture academic careers and more importantly person growth for those who were lucky enough to be selected for the program.

Assoc. Professor Alexandra McManus, PhD, MPH Curtin Health Innovation Research Institute (CHIRI)

A wonderful course, excellent keynotes, learned facilitator and a great group of attendees. I would recommend it to senior research leaders with a passion for excellence in research. 

The course content was relevant, easy to implement in a research environment and produced very good research. The networking and sharing of issues, problems, successes with those in similar positions in an environment of complete confidentiality was invaluable. The honest and constructive criticism offered, whilst not always easy to hear, was accompanied by possible solutions and the ensuing discussion and support provided the impetus for change. The professional relationships formed have also provided excellent opportunities for future collaborations.

Finally, the keynote addresses by leading researchers in Australia were an added bonus. Where else do you get the opportunity to spend quality time with those who have already reached the pinnacle of success and who are willing to sit down and chat about how you can grow as a research leader. Overall a very rewarding experience.

Professor Cory Xian from the Bone Growth and Repair Research Unit at the University of South Australia

Through discussions with my peers I’ve been able to find solutions to some of the common problems I face as part of my work, including developing better team management skills and forming more collaborative external relationships. We’ve also agreed to keep in touch in the future which will be really useful.

A Professor from the University of Newcastle

The Forum provided me with the opportunity to engage with other researchers from various universities and to benefit from the advice of leading researchers who attended as guest speakers. From my researcher peers, I gained insight into common predicaments faced, like competing demands, time management and productivity issues. 

It was so reassuring to hear peers facing very similar dilemmas and benefiting from hearing how they handled their own and receiving advice specific to my situation. This advice helped me to sharpen focus on research priorities and set an agenda for future research activities. The overall impact of the course built confidence in one’s research strengths and also in how to handle challenges.