AG-enda - Leadership In Academic Governance - a single day program-also online by Zoom

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A testimonial 

"I was able to take lessons from this workshop and immediately adapt them to my work.The input from other participants and Hilary and Mark, our facilitators, was honest, very informative and focused. The case studies and other practical elements were not only valuable, they were actually engaging and fun! Anyone attending the workshops, including members of Governing Councils and Boards of Directors, would get keener insight into many of the key elements of academic governance for Australian higher education providers" Professor John Jenkins, Chair of Academic Board, TOP Education Institute











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A single day course for those responsible for Academic Governance in Higher Education Providers across Australia.  



Course Schedule 2021 

23rd March 2021 Sydney CBD
Alternatively, an in-house version of the program can be designed and delivered as an in-house course for your staff involved in Academic Governance.  This program offers a chance to ‘Tune-up’ your various terms of reference, committee membership and structure, induction programs. Bring a group together and be upskilled in the Higher Education Threshold Standards 2015. 
Contact us to discuss your needs for a bespoke workshop, you can read more here











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Course Participants

This program will bring together groups from higher education providers from across Australia. Each organisation will register a group of 3,4 or 5 participants. Each group may be a mix of ex officio, elected members and senior administrators. This course will benefit those new to the academic governance process and those in leadership roles in governance committees.


Participants will reflect on and learn about:
1. The formal expected role of academic governance in higher education
providers in Australia.
2. The role of Chair of Academic Board/Senate.
3. The expectations of all chairs and committee members.
4. What is meant by Academic Risk.
5. The Higher Education Standards Framework (in particular Section 6.3).
6. The critical relationship between Academic Governance, Corporate Governance and
Executive Management.
7. Practical tools and templates to drive strategic improvement of critical
governance processes.
8. Analysis of terms of reference and membership.
9. Governance issues related to admission standards of overseas students. 


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Developed by Emeritus Professor Hilary Winchester and Mark Douglas
© 2019
Please contact us for further course dates or enquire about an in-house course at or
call Mark on 0418 846 343 or Hilary 0419 807 057