Innovation and Enduring Relationships – Industry / University Links

14th July 2016


Sydney 26-27 September 2016

Melbourne 28-29 September 2016

A two day seminar for senior researchers involved with industry, and industry leaders involved with universities.

Mark Douglas, Ethos and Tom Kennie from Ranmore will co present a new 2 day course focused on driving effective engagement between universities and industry.

Are you focused on innovation arising for university research?   

Do you chase a single research project or do you focus on an enduring relationship?

Whether you are from industry, government or from a university, it is not enough to have a great industry university collaborative project.  This project is likely to be of limited value to either party unless it is forming the basis of an enduring relationship. 

The evidence shows us that the most productive projects between a university and a collaborator from industry or Government come from a mature relationship.  High value projects are likely to arise from the third or fourth engagement project.  

The process of maturing a relationship involves the building of confidence in capability, proving competence in project management, and a willingness to build depth and breadth in the relationship.  

The responsibility for poorly maintained industry university relationship lies in both camps.   There is little room for casual relationships in innovation. Both parties must take them seriously and be prepared to invest in a longer term future if major benefits are to be realised.  

Turbo-charge your strategy to be part of a productive relationship between industry and university.