Leadership In Academic Governance

A single day program to induct and refresh critical information for those involved in Academic Board and related committees.

The Imperative for Action Sustainable academic governance is independent, well informed and is outcome focused. Unfortunately,
many processes surrounding academic governance in Australian Higher Education Providers and Universities are cumbersome, time consuming, inefficient and noncompliant with national standards. There is much that you can do to ensure academic governance systems are streamlined, more transparent, enable positive leadership, and ready your organisation for its mandatory five-yearly external review of academic governance.

In higher education institutions, many of those directly involved as elected or ex-officio members of Academic Board/Senate and the associated committees do not have a clear understanding of the role and operation of academic governance structures and standards.

Course Benefits

Reduce your organisational risk.
• Ensure your university is compliant with national
• Enable more effective management of large scale
  organisational change.
• Save time and resources through efficient practice.
• Prepare for mandatory 5 year review.

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