The SWOT Analysis: Avoid the Common Trap

15th July 2016

The SWOT Analysis, an exploration of strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats, is a key step in strategic planning but it is largely misunderstood.

A vital step in any planning is an honest appreciation of the now, the current circumstances facing the organisation. Before you plan to go to a new destination, the path is always influenced by your ‘current location’.

The two critical parts to this analysis are, those issues that the company can control and those the company cannot control. Read more

Essentials of the Research Pitch

14th July 2016

Research leaders must be able to communicate the value of their research to those who have no knowledge of their discipline, in less than 3 minutes.

The audience must be left wanting more. The response you are seeking is: “Tell me more” or “How can we get involved in this work?”

This research pitch must be memorable, interesting and accessible. Read more

Are You Taking Business University Engagement Seriously?

14th July 2016

Business/University engagement that drives innovation is a body contact sport. Are you prepared for the commitment?

Have you invested in regular and frequent meetings that bring the partners together? Is there a project schedule with realistic milestones?

History tells us that business/university partnerships are poorly managed and are often not strategically aligned. The same approach to the management of supply chains or major customers would not be tolerated. Read more

Workplace Digital Disruption

12th July 2016

The management of data has been revolutionised by digital technology. However we are only now beginning to appreciate the revolution in the management of people brought on by digital technology.

Many of the impacts of digital technology are yet to be seen in the workplace. There are clear benefits, but are there also unforeseen consequences. Are we ‘navigating amongst icebergs’? Read more

Humanities Research: A Call for Leadership

4th May 2016

In a recent analysis of the trends influencing humanities research Professor Shearer West from University of Oxford outlines a crisis facing the humanities disciplines as they become increasingly disconnected from the sources of research funding. Read more

Connect then Lead

11th December 2015

A well-developed research strategy communicates a focus. This in turn builds differentiated expertise in an area in which others want to invest. Read more

Effective mentoring - Mentees need to be on the 'front foot'

18th September 2015

Commonly the relationship between a mentor and mentee is led by the mentor, who holds a vast array of experience and knowledge in their chosen field. However the result often ends in a series of unstructured conversations of little value. Read more

Industry Engaged Research Breakfast Forum a success

18th September 2015

With over 35 people in attendance from both universities and Government, last week in Adelaide we hosted a breakfast forum which focused on university research collaboration with industry and governments. Read more